Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Local geocaching and Texas Roadhouse

Sunny, 75-80°F. There was another set of new geocaches in the area, so I went for those after dropping off the yard waste (mostly weeds and some fallen branches) at the yard waste collection site in Bear. All the usual suspects were out geocaching today. I ran into Minpin, G'daycutter, ShortTripp, PeeperPat, and rflester at the cache sites. Still had time at the end of the day, so I tackled two older geocaches in Newark. And that was it.

Dinner was at Texas Roadhouse to use a birthday coupon. Yes, I do have a plan to use all the remaining birthday coupons before they expire. I think the Chevy's coupon may be the toughest one to use because the nearest Chevy's is up by Princeton, but I digress. Anyway, I had pulled pork, a sidekick of ribs, and bucket of peanuts, of course. :) I thought the ribs were pretty good. Pulled pork was okay too, but I've had better.

Tags: bear, geocaching, newark, texas roadhouse
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