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Local, then South Jersey

Wednesday was sunny, turning to cloudy; 85-90°F. I didn't check the weather forecast and had no idea there was a 50% chance of thunderstorms. In retrospect, it was a good thing I didn't check. The forecast might've dissuaded me from going out and the rain didn't actually begin in earnest until after I returned home at night. I didn't leave home until well into the afternoon because I was waiting for a UPS delivery. Then I figured I might as well also wait for the mail delivery. While waiting, I mowed the strip of grass between driveway and fence, and did some minor yardwork. I also watched the utility workers dig up the sidewalk area again and wondered what they still needed to do that they didn't do the last time there was a hole in that spot.

When I finally did get out, I visited two new geocaches not far away. The second one brought me close to Lums Pond State Park, so I figured I might as well pay the park fee and do the two caches in there. Then, since I already had a park ticket, I figured I might as well visit Fox Point State Park too. Hence "Two Bridge View", a last-minute addition to my itinerary. Well, the view was hazy in the setting sun so I saw only the Delaware Memorial Bridge. One-bridge view is better than no-bridge view, I suppose. Dinner was at Lone Star Steakhouse near home, to use the birthday coupon from this restaurant chain. I had Texas hot wings and a Sirloin Dip. The server seemed fairly alarmed that I picked "Texas hot" right away but in reality, those wings weren't what I'd call hot. They fall roughly in the middle of the Buffalo Wild Wings range of sauces. (Certainly not hot enough to feel it a second time. :) ) When I got home, the thunderstorm caused a power failure. So I went to sleep early. (and didn't update Livejournal)

Thursday was sunny; 90-95°F. I headed into New Jersey with an eye to using my Chevy's birthday coupon. This is the hardest coupon of the lot to use because the nearest Chevy's is up by Princeton, 70 miles from home. Even so, I figured by sundown, I would've geocached most of the way there. That was correct because when I decided to stop geocaching, there was only 20 miles to go before Chevy's. It was a long day and I got many geocaches in many towns -- Pennsville, West Deptford, Mount Ephraim, Oaklyn, Cinnaminson, Riverton. When I hit Central Camden County, I noticed that I started having to go longer distances between unfound caches and that's when I realized I'd been up there several times this year already for events and one convention.

Dinner was at Chevy's as planned. I was there the last hour before closing time but they still had plenty of chips and salsa. I couldn't decide what to order so I got the "build your own combo". Not sure how replacing one decision with four decisions helped anything though. :) Anyway, I had chile relleno, crispy chicken flautas, carnitas taco, and a pork tamale. Those were all good, but the flautas were better than I expected. Never had a chile relleno before, so it was a new experience. It's a big roasted stuffed pepper.

Geocaches on Wednesday:

Saint Georges Cemetery (Delaware)
Tiny Often Empty Park - Summit (Delaware)
I Like Turtles (Delaware)
Enjoy Nature (Delaware)
Two Bridge View (Delaware)

Geocaches on Thursday:

NFL SERIES: Bills (New Jersey)
NFL SERIES: Jaguars (New Jersey)
NFL SERIES: Bears (New Jersey)
NFL SERIES: Bengals (New Jersey)
NFL SERIES: Eagles (New Jersey)
a king is moore than just grande (New Jersey)
Evening Cachier (New Jersey)
Within the Serpents Grasp (New Jersey)
GHPCC-Newton Creek (New Jersey)
GHPCC-Borough of Oaklyn (New Jersey)
GHPCC-The Ritz Theatre (New Jersey)
Creature from the Black Lagoon (New Jersey)
Is That a Wart I See on That Tree? (New Jersey)
Philadelphia Aeronautical Center of the East (New Jersey)
SJCC: Pine (New Jersey)
The Best Policy (New Jersey)
Breakthru Cache (New Jersey)
Beyond 25 (New Jersey)
Staples Center (New Jersey)
Haley's Run (New Jersey)
Mini-Forest Nature Walk (New Jersey)

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