Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Day of the Tree Branch

Sunny, 90-95°F. This morning, I noticed a big fallen tree branch leaning on the backyard fence. That pretty much shaped the whole day because I had to saw the tree branch into pieces and then my first errand of the day would have to be to take it to the yard waste drop-off site. I picked the yard waste site in Bear, with an eye to finding Kings Land at Kings Croft Park on the way back. When I got to the park, I decided I would help pick up litter in the park since I had the yard waste bag (I can't leave plastic bags at the yard waste site so I always empty out the bag and take it with me for reuse or whatever.) and gloves with me.

When I got to the cache site, I found the cache after looking around again and rechecking everything. I wondered how it could've been so difficult the first time, but then I remembered that this is exactly what happened at SRT #15 yesterday. Sometimes, the obvious is easy to overlook. After that, I walked around the park and picked up trash, mostly at the perimeter and tree line. This is a comparatively clean park but I still filled up the bag partway. When I brought the trash back to the parking area to dispose of in one of the trash cans, I noticed that a lady was waiting in the parking area for me to be done. She told me she was surprised that someone was doing this for the park and thanked me for this. Was not a big deal, really. I've done that for parks in North Jersey and Long Island in the past just because I had spare plastic bags to reuse for trash.

After that, I went to the Churchmans Crossing area to use the last two of the 2-week birthday coupons. One was for a Brownie Sundae at Chili's and the other was for a small coffee at Borders.
Tags: borders, chili's, geocaching, litter patrol, yardwork

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