Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five


What did you do this week?
It was the week after my birthday, so I did a few trips to use the remaining birthday restaurant coupons. Also, I did some yard work and some coding in my open source projects.

Why did things turn out the way they did this week?
I suspect it had something to do with this time of year. They couldn't call those birthday coupons if they sent those at another date.

How will this week’s events affect next week’s, both positively and negatively?
I'd probably go out less or not as far because the remaining birthday coupons, with the exception of the Dunkin Donuts coupon, have expired.

What were this week’s pivotal moments where things might have happened differently and changed everything?
There were dozens of times when I could've been in a collision, the way people drive.

How was your week?
Fattening? :)

From thefridayfive:

Do people contact you on your cell or house phone more?
I don't have a house phone.

Do you call or e-mail your friends/family more?
Family - call. Friends - email.

Does your cat/dog/bird/baby/stuffed animal have a livejournal/e-mail/myspace account?
No, but one of my fursuits has a Livejournal and a domain name. Not used much though.

What do you think will replace the internet?
A mental asylum and a bunch of people yelling about cats and bacon.

How do you feel about VHS's not being made anymore?
Honestly, I don't miss those.
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