Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Rainy Days

My router, a Linksys WRT54GC, is getting a little outdated and I was interested in getting a newer model that can run the DD-WRT firmware. It's something I'd wanted to do for a while and reading this Coding Horror blog entry reminded me about it. CompUSA has a special on the E2000 this week, so while I was out today to get a few things, I made a stop there to check it out. As always, I used one of the internet terminals in CompUSA to read Amazon reviews. As I've mentioned before, CompUSA's providing access to Amazon is a double-edged sword, not because it's cheaper at Amazon but because customer reviews often reveal product flaws. It appears that this router has potential overheating problems. It's a low-profile device with insufficient air circulation. My WRT54GC, on the other hand, is positioned vertically, like a book standing on its edge, so that was never a problem. So the search continues.

The last few days were rainy, so I stayed home except for supply runs and breakfast coupon usage. I took the opportunity to work on a fursuit that I recently acquired inexpensively. No Name the Otter was built for someone taller (but not that much wider) than I so the arms and legs are a little long. One big plus: the head is roomy enough for me to wear glasses inside, which is useful. On Sunday, I made some measurements and hemmed the arms and legs to more appropriate lengths. It was pretty simple: fold, pin, and sew. It took pretty much all night because I was handstitching but the end result doesn't look as messy as I thought it would.

That wasn't not the only problem though. I noticed that the fursuit feet are indoor-only (felt and fur soles) and probably won't survive much wear. So on Monday, I made fursuit sandals. I got the anti-fatigue flooring from Lowe's and the nylon straps and buckles from Jo-Ann Fabrics, and got to work that evening. This too took all night until 4:30am because I was unpracticed. Knowing what I know now, there are definitely some things I would do differently or in a different order. Anyway, he should be ready. I'll do a few more wear tests at home to check for problems and see if there's a chance to debut him soon.

And finally, all the rain from the last few days is helping the grass seed patches. The first patch, which germinated mid-September, now looks much thicker. The second patch, which was slow in germinating, did spring up at last. So they join the other half-dozen or so species of grass in the backyard land grab. Personally, I'm rooting for the grass species that looks like tufts of hair, the biggest clump of which is growing out from under the heating oil tank. Not sure exactly what type it is, so I'll call it hair fescue.
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