Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXIV - Rainy Day Country Tour

Cloudy with rain sprinkles, 70-75°F. The weather pattern was unstable but I was due for another trip to the countryside so I went to Cecil County, Maryland, and Southern Lancaster County. The first 3 geocaches of the day were in Cecil County, in the Elkton area and a little beyond. Then I headed into Pennsylvania, to Kirkwood, Quarryville, Willow Street, and Millersville. I was all over the place because I was basically hitting the new geocaches, plus a bunch of older ones that I skipped over on previous trips for various reasons.

One might assume that since it might rain at any moment, geocaching out in the countryside would not be the best choice. However, the funny thing is many geocaches out there do not involve a whole lot of hiking. I did the first five caches of the day in sandals. I only switched to shoes on the 6th cache because it looked like I would have to step over large logs into rotting log debris. I took a chance on "CTS in the Park"; it's a 0.8-mile round trip and there was a light sprinkling of rain as I pulled in to the parking area. Fortunately, it didn't start pouring and I had a nice walk on the grassy Conestoga Trail.

Dinner was at Fuddruckers in Lancaster in order to use my Fudd's Club anniversary coupon. I ordered the 1/3-lb burger and fries and dressed it to look like a melted cheese disaster. Now, that's good eating! The strange thing about this Fuddruckers is even though the parking lot was nearly full, there were only a few people in the dining area. Where did everyone else go? Maybe to the Texas Roadhouse next door.

Tags: cecil county, fuddruckers, geocaching, lancaster county

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