Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Fort Mott

Cloudy, 65-70°F. Yesterday's storm brought down a few tree branches. I chopped the branches up and put those away for later. Then I went to Fort Mott State Park in Pennsville to do the batch of geocaches that were placed for last weekend's event, which I did not attend. Those geocaches weren't that difficult to get to but the park was flooded, so I had to take a bit of a longer walk to get around the waterlogged area.

I returned home in the afternoon to pick up the tree branches and take them to the yard waste collection site. I also visited "Bear Hotel", since that cache was near the yard waste site. And finally, I went to Cici's Pizza in Newark for the $3.99 buffet special. I timed my visit correctly. I was a bit early for dinner (and very late for lunch) so the restaurant wasn't crowded. I had pizza, of course, soup and salad, and dessert. This Cici's restaurant reopened in August after shutting down for a few months because the previous owner couldn't pay the staff and quit. Hope the new management fares better.

Tags: cici's pizza, fort mott, geocaching, yard waste, yardwork
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