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Orange County

Went for two more geocaches. Both are in Orange County, NY.

unfinished jewel II
In New Windsor. This is one cache you'd expect to be magnetic but isn't. Actually, I have no idea how it was hidden initially because the first visitor mentioned that it was on the ground and he had to rehide it slightly differently. Anyway, it was quick and easy and the yellow trail did indeed begin right there.

Beaverpond cache
In Rock Tavern. My previous attempt on this cache was thwarted by some earlier-than-expected hunting activity. Not so today as I had the whole place to myself. I think the recommended route is to bike on a trail starting from about 2 miles away but since I was walking, I parked nearer at a gate access. It's a nice place right by a lake. Took some pictures.

I also started a Fotolog using one of the pictures I took. From what I've seen, this website is similar to Livejournal except that it's for pictures, not text. Now who can I add to my fotolog friends list? :)

Anyway, I was taking a look at some other Orange County cache pages and saw my pastel sketch in this picture from Dennis Hopper's hitchhiking to New Mexico Cache. Pretty neat as I'd forgotten I did that at the cache site.
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