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Wandering Watch Windshield Wipers Walmart

Rainy, 50-55°F. It rained pretty much all day but in the afternoon, I had to go out for groceries, so I looked for the Getting High On 13 geocache. It's on (or above, rather, since it's on a pedestrian bridge) US-13, conveniently on the way to everything.

My windshield wipers were getting rather streaky in the rain, so I went to Walmart for new ones. I changed the wipers myself right in the parking lot in case there was a problem. I struggled with the first wiper but changed the second wiper really quickly because by then, I'd figured it out. Last I checked, it costs $20 to have someone at a garage do this, so I saved $13 for a few minutes of work.

I also had to buy a watch at Walmart because I lost my watch on Long Island, or so I thought. I had the new watch in hand. When I got in the car, I heard a little noise. Apparently, my old watch had been stuck to the side of the driver's seat all that time and only just then fell off! I do not have a good explanation for this. The sequence of events was as follows: On Saturday, I wore the watch until the time when I had to take a shower. So I put it down on the bathroom sink, where it promptly fell into a wormhole and reemerged in my car? I was pretty sure I left my watch in the bathroom. jbadger saw it there too. The next morning, it wasn't there. I didn't go outside that night after showering, so there's no possibility that I took it out to the car myself and forgot. Either some very strange things are happening or I'm losing my mind. Or both.

Anyway, I returned the new watch. Good thing Walmart doesn't mind merchandise returns with no good reason. I've had this old watch for years to wear in fursuit because that's when I don't carry my cell phone. It's not the first time the watch has disappeared and then reappeared elsewhere without a good explanation for how it got there. I don't know whether that makes it a good or a bad watch. Perhaps a mysterious watch.
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