Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Dental Appointment, Yardwork, and Overeating - A typical day?

Cloudy, 55-60°F. I had a dental appointment at New Castle Dental this afternoon. This was the fastest dental appointment ever because there was very little plaque, no gum bleeding, and no cavities. See, I take care of my teeth so that I can eat the food that I photograph. :) Unfortunately, this dentist is not on the in-network list of the health insurance to which I'll be switching in November. I let them know about that and they said if I send them the info, they'll see if they can work with this new dental plan. I hope so, but even if not, there are dentists only a few miles further away who are in the network.

When I got home, I had to mow the lawn. Because of one week of rainy days, the grass had grown about four inches! What's nice is the two grass seed patches have grown too. The first patch is almost as fully-developed as the rest of the lawn (except with a different shade of green) and the second patch is at least well on its way. I also needed to remove and bag a lot of smaller fallen branches. I was surprised at the number of branches that had piled up in the back corner behind the shed. Okay, more wood for the yard waste drop-off site then.

In the evening, I went to Cici's Pizza in Newark because I felt like it. (Living near one of these is dangerous! :) ) Their $3.99 buffet deal is over but I had a $3.99 coupon, which was the same thing. In addition to pizza and more pizza, I also had a plate of carrots just because. And I didn't forget to photograph the dessert this time.
Tags: cici's pizza, dentist, grass, new castle dental, yardwork

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