Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXVI - Mountville, Columbia; York III - Hallam, Yorkana, Springettsbury, East York

Sunny, 70-75°F. I returned to Mountville/Columbia to find the geocaches that were placed for Tuesday's geocaching event. I didn't do those on that day itself because it was late and I had to leave for dinner. The six caches were all pretty quick and I did a bunch of other geocaches in the area for completeness before crossing over to York County. Once again, I geocached around some rural areas in York County before heading to the strip mall zone in East York.

Dinner was a breaded fish combo at Long John Silver's in Lancaster. However, I noticed that if I'd gone 3 miles south from the last cache of the day, I'd have come across another LJS. Maybe I'll try that one next time.

Stairway To Heaven (Pennsylvania)
Shop 'N Cache (Pennsylvania)
Oh What A Great Rec Center (Pennsylvania)
JAY walking (Pennsylvania)
Mr. Mugo (Pennsylvania)
Out of the Box (Pennsylvania)
Here's Your Sign (Pennsylvania)
Hitchin' A Ride (Pennsylvania)
The Legend of the Headless Horseman (Pennsylvania)
Hoosiers (Pennsylvania)
What's That Smell? (Pennsylvania)
Covered Bridge -Forgotten (Pennsylvania)
Sports Rocks (Pennsylvania)
Crayon Tour - Mellow Yellow (Pennsylvania)
York County Sunday Drive # 30 (Pennsylvania)
Smells Like Baseball (Pennsylvania)
M.K.H. (Pennsylvania)
Eagle Scout (Pennsylvania)
Owl's House (Pennsylvania)
Another Quickie (Pennsylvania)
York County Sunday Drive # 29 (Pennsylvania)
York towne center (Pennsylvania)
a GIANT location 2 (Pennsylvania)
Down & Out or Up & Perking - You Decide (Pennsylvania)
4 Your Eyes Only (Pennsylvania)
mmm mmm mmm Pizza good! (Pennsylvania)
I Hate These #3 (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, lancaster county, long john silver's, york county

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