Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Quick Chester Run

Cloudy, 75-80°F. It was a pretty busy day. Made some phone calls in the morning. Then I forged ahead on some software projects. I went out late in the afternoon only because I needed something.

Of course, I did some quick geocaches since I was out. Little Gunn and Just Passing Through are both around Concordville / West Chester and both just off US-202, making for convenient access. "Little Gunn" is pretty interesting. This small cannon is a Vietnam War monument tucked away in an obscure location. You'd think a war memorial would be out by the road where everyone can see it, but no, this one is in the bushes on the side of an unused parking lot.

It's interesting that Amazon has started sending the Kindle out to brick-and-mortar retail stores ahead of the shopping season. Since I was in the area, I stopped at Target to look at the Kindle display. (Well, that's not the actual reason I went to Target but since I was there...) It was already sold out! Funny, I wasn't sure about getting a Kindle Wi-Fi at $139 but I guess other people thought it's a deal.
Tags: chester county, geocaching, target
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