Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey Fictional Pirate Tour

Cloudy, 60-65°F. I started late and the only thing I actually planned on doing was to check out the new LJS/Taco Bell co-branded restaurant in Mantua, so I was surprised that I got the number of geocaches that I did. I went to Logan Township, Swedesboro, Mullica Hill, and Pitman, the last of which was actually 5 miles beyond Mantua. Most of the geocaches were easy. There were a few high-terrain ones ("Untidaled" = 4 stars, "THAT'S THE POWER OF OXI-CLEAN" = 3.5 stars) but those turned out to not be as difficult as rated. True, there was a danger of falling into the water when I stepped out on that tree branch at the edge of the river at "Untidaled" but that tree has a lot of branches that I could hold on to.

Dinner was at LJS/Taco Bell in Mantua, as planned. It's closer to home than Lancaster LJS and I actually do like this place. Because the co-brand is Taco Bell, there is a wide selection of sauces and I tried them all. I had the fish and more. After dinner, I did a few quick geocaches on the way home.

Tags: geocaching, long john silver's, south jersey, taco bell
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