Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shop and Cache Locally

Sunny, 70-75°F. Seemed unseasonably warm today, so it was too bad that the main thing I had planned for the day was an errand run. However, I did do a few geocaches along the way. Happily Ever After was a quick one over in Hockessin. By quick, I mean I parked within feet of the cache and the first thing I touched was the cache. Happy Blue Hens took a bit more work but this two-stage cache has an amusing theme.

After that, I went to Y not go to church? Why not? Because I'm not Christian, so I was there just for the geocache. :) Coordinates for this one were way off but luckily, given the hint, there were only two possible areas where it could be. The last one I did was Cache for CHF&TP. This one was rather challenging but I just had to try it because I was at that strip mall anyway to get something from Jo-Ann Fabrics. From the parking lot, it was a walk on a path, and then a walk through waist-high weeds, with some thorny plants along the way to keep things interesting, to a muddy area by a creek. All that for a micro-sized cache. But hey, I crossed that one off the list.

Last leg of the trip was a grocery stop just before the supermarket closed for the night. Then I got home and did some weeding in the backyard by flashlight. I thought I would just pull a few weeds but by the time I was done, I'd filled up one trash bag anyway! I figure nighttime's the best time to do this because the weeds don't expect it. :)
Tags: geocaching, jo-ann fabrics, new castle county, yardwork

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