Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Into the back of Bourke

Sunny, 55-60°F. There's a bunch of geocaches in the marsh areas near Route 9 that I'd been saving for cooler weather because I knew the bugs would be terrible there in the summer. I thought today would be cold enough and I was correct. It was indeed a good day to hike out on the marsh trails with no mosquitoes and no biting flies at all. Even the wasps at "Wastin' Time" were nearly dormant because of the cold and I had no trouble retrieving the cache, which was right next to the nest.

Most of today's geocaches were in the Cedar Swamp Wildlife Area but in different tracts of land. Walking distance was anywhere from 50 feet ("Going Fishin'") to 0.7 of a mile ("Collins Beach"). Every trail was completely flat. The GPS read a negative elevation half the time, although I'm sure that's due to position error. Fortunately, it hadn't been raining much recently so none of the trails were muddy or underwater.

Dinner was a Texas toast bacon cheese thickburger combo at Hardee's in Middletown. I thought the one I had yesterday night was pretty good so I went for an encore.

Tags: cedar swamp wildlife area, delaware, geocaching, hardee's, marsh
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