Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey Fictional Pirate Tour IV - Berlin edition

Sunny and cloudy, 70-75°F. I thought it was going to rain but it didn't, so I went out to South Jersey with an eye towards finishing more of the GHPCC series of geocaches. The first few caches went far slower than expected, partly because of technical issues and partly because it just wasn't my day. I did, however, meet up with Razootwo at the first cache of the day. Quite a coincidence. It was good to have someone to chat with at the cache site because we had to wait for the area to clear before grabbing the cache. There was a non-geocacher sitting practically on top of the cache, waiting for the bus. After some time, the bus arrived and we were able to retrieve the cache. So there is bus service in suburban South Jersey. Who knew? :)

My pace picked up considerably when I started on the GHPCC series going through Lindenwold. I noticed that the last two GHPCC caches were in Berlin, so I did a few more Berlin caches and a few more in nearby Atco. Then I did some banking. (I always bring all the stuff along just in case I can finish off an errand or two.) And then I went to the LJS/Taco Bell co-branded restaurant in Berlin for dinner. That was my first time to this restaurant. It is similar to the Mantua LJS/Taco Bell, except that they have three fewer sauces and no wi-fi internet. (The latter is not the restaurant's problem, actually. Comcast hasn't set up an access point in that part of Berlin.) I had the chicken and fish variety platter with Taco Bell sauce. I noticed that Berliners (if that's what one calls people who live in Berlin, NJ) eat later at night. At most other LJS, I'm usually the last customer of the night but this time, the restaurant filled up while I was there.

After dinner, I couldn't resist going for the geocache just next door to LJS/Taco Bell. That, of course, led to a few more geocaches at night on the way home via US-30. I'm glad there aren't more geocaches along the way to I-295 or I'd never get home. :) Also, I picked a gas station with below-average prices and filled the gas tank. (Gas is still a little cheaper in NJ, especially in parts of South Jersey.) Conversations with pump attendants are sometimes a little strange. This fellow noticed my Delaware plates and asked me if I was Pennsylvanian. I was just about to ask him how he made that logical leap when he apologized and turned away to take care of the pump.

Tags: berlin, geocaching, ghpcc, long john silver's, pump attendant, south jersey

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