Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Shrunken Turkey Wing Wednesday

During the day, I packed and loaded stuff into the car. In the evening, I decided I had time for a geocaching event, Angry Beaver's Shrunken Turkey Wing Wednesday. On the way to Downingtown, I grabbed a few quick geocaches. First one was Stop & Grab - Hayward, which was pretty much roadside. Then I went to Where the Fluff is it? #1: The Exton Witch Project. This one is near the infamous Witch House.

After that, I headed over to Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown for the event. We used a few tables in the party room. This is not the biggest geocaching event but it was a nice evening out. I had the 4-alarm wings, which aren't that hot, despite the name.
Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, victory brewing company

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