Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Furfright 2010 Day 0

After returning from the geocaching dinner event, I took care of a few things at home and left home again shortly after midnight. If I'd driven straight to Cromwell, it'd take about 4 hours, or so the GPS claimed. I stretched that out a bit by doing a few 24/7 geocaches at night, so that I'd reach North Haven at daybreak. Then I started the caching spree. Well, I started with North Haven and that turned into an attempt to finish all the geocaches in Wallingford, a town that seems to be packed more densely with geocaches than most areas in CT. Quite a number of today's geocaches were in the TTMTD series, which is someone's attempt to cache every single Dunkin Donuts in CT. I'm not sure how many Dunkin Donuts there are but there are already over 100 geocaches in this series! It got repetitive after a while so I mixed it up with other geocaches in the area and only did the TTMTDs if any of those were nearby.

At around 2pm, I decided to stop my assault on Wallingford and go to the Crowne Plaza to check in. After I did that and moved my stuff into the room, I had lunch (Well, anything looks good when I've been up all night and not eaten anything substantial since dinner.) and continued the geocaching spree with 6 more caches near the hotel and around Cromwell/Berlin. "No Ca$h Cache" is on the Wal-Mart Nature Trail. I thought that was rather unusual. Wal-Mart must have either built the trail or sponsored the trail upkeep.

When I returned in the evening, a lot more Furfright attendees had arrived and the hotel lobby looked quite busy. I joined the pre-reg line to get my badge and conbook. Chatted with some friends I hadn't seen since either last year or Anthrocon. And that brings this journal up to the present time. I guess I should get some sleep since I've been awake for 36 hours.

A Quick Pick-Me-Up (Connecticut)
Center Cemetery (Connecticut)
Another P.A.R.C #2 (Connecticut)
TTMTD-48 (Connecticut)
Holiday Shopping (Connecticut)
TTMTD-49 (Connecticut)
TTMTD-101 (Connecticut)
Good Eats Series #3 - Don't mess with Texas! (Connecticut)
TTMTD-47 (Connecticut)
a presidential find (Connecticut)
Historic Wallingford - Lyman Hall (Connecticut)
Historic Wallingford - Early H.S. (Connecticut)
HI HO SILVER!!!! (Connecticut)
Law and Order (Connecticut)
Riverside Geohide (Connecticut)
FROG RIP (Connecticut)
Mr. Tree has a headache (Connecticut)
ghosts and goblins galore (Connecticut)
Harrison Park Cache (Connecticut)
park,hike,and cache (Connecticut)
TTMTD-82 (Connecticut)
Cool Car Pool Cache (Connecticut)
TTMTD-80 (Connecticut)
Come for the cache but Enjoy the view (Connecticut)
Another Brick In The Wall (Connecticut)
TTMTD-106 (Connecticut)
Halloween Hideaway! (Connecticut)
Girly Girl (Connecticut)
Mr. Cache Senior (Connecticut)
Peeky's Cache (Connecticut)
The No Ca$h Cache (Connecticut)
The Hidden Cemetery, The Great Cache-cade Series (Connecticut)
Newly Renovated (Connecticut)
no steel (Connecticut)
On My Way Back Home (Connecticut)
Pistol Creek Overlook (Connecticut)

Tags: connecticut, furfright, geocaching

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