Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Furfright 2010 Day 3

Had breakfast in the hotel room because I brought cereal from home. Then we went down to the ballroom for fursuit games. This year's set of games was the scooter race, clippy, charades, and musical chairs. I wore the coyote fursuit for the games because it is more durable and fursuit games can be rough on fursuits. However, I don't think that really mattered, except for the musical chairs. My team wasn't last this year, so we got 2nd place dog tags as prizes. I love how I return from this con every year with a couple of trinkets to remember it by.

After that, jbadger and I met up with lupine_silver and went to Ruby Tuesday in Cromwell for lunch. No particular reason for this choice, other than the salad bar fits well with diet restrictions and I had a $5 coupon. I had buffalo chicken minis and a heap of salad.

When we got back to the hotel, it was a bit of a rush because I had to pick up my photo CD from the photoshoot two days ago. Also, jbadger and I did a photoshoot together just before the photo studio closed. Then it was time to go to the closing ceremony. (Stats: 1284 attendees, 246 in fursuit parade, over $12K raised for charity) During the opening ceremony, Belic said he would jump into the swimming pool if they raised over $10K for charity. Since that happened, we all went to the pool after the closing ceremony and he did it.

After that, I hung around the Dead Dog Party for a bit and joined in on the second fursuit parade. The rest of the night, I went to the dance between bouts of wandering around the hotel. This night, someone was apparently doing a photo project, collecting pictures of fursuiters balancing a Dr. Pepper bottle on their noses. I participated. I was in the otter fursuit at the time and he said it would be tough because I'm a short-nosed otter. However, it was done and I'll have to look for the picture on the web later. Anyway, as always, I did the last few dances before the Dead Dog Party closed. Then I went for a midnight swim in the pool because I thought I ought to make more use of hotel amenities. Well, either my backstroke is rusty or I'm less buoyant than the last time. I'll practice again the next time I have access to a complimentary pool.
Tags: convention, furfright, furry, ruby tuesday

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