Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Returning from Furfright

Sunny, cold day. 45-50°F. Repacking my stuff didn't take very long, comparatively. Although I still needed 3 trips to load everything into my car, I was able to use the secret shortcut stairway to the parking garage because my luggage cart can go down the stairs just fine. Said my goodbyes to some friends who were still at the hotel on Monday morning. Then I checked out and left.

First, I went to Wethersfield to finish the "Spew pew pew" power trail. Then I went to Glastonbury. There was a bunch of geocaches in the town park remaining from an event earlier this year, so I did the ones near the front of the park. From Glastonbury, I continued geocaching northwards into East Hartford, where I came across a Cabela's store. (There are two geocaches in the store parking lot: "SMK-133 Salebac Rev.1" and "Hook & Bullet".) This outdoor store is huge! I was reminded of the time I saw the Shady Maple Smorgasbord, which is also an absurdly huge building with a stadium-sized parking lot in the middle of nowhere. I've heard people describe this store as a mecca for geocachers, but now that I've seen their goods, I'm not so sure because a bit over half the store is devoted to hunting. I did find one thing I needed that I haven't been able to get locally though and that is a roll of camo duct tape. It was interesting to see the Connecticut River Valley Wildlife Museum at the back of the store and the island of stuffed animals, although I'm not talking about plush toys there.

After leaving East Hartford, I found a few more geocaches on and near the highway. For dinner, I had a seafood platter at American Steakhouse. Like Ruby Tuesday, this is another chain restaurant where the all-you-can-eat salad bar is more interesting than the entrees, but I do enjoy a steakhouse that serves decent fried fish.

JW-84 Spew pew pew # 4 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 9 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 8 (Connecticut)
JW-84 Spew pew pew # 7 (Connecticut)
Carnal Knowledge (Connecticut)
Downtown / Main Street USA: Wethersfield, CT (Connecticut)
Princess and the Pea (Connecticut)
Rendezvous (Connecticut)
Welcome To My Home! (Connecticut)
SMK-96 EDBM #1 (Connecticut)
ED&BM XXIII- Redux (Connecticut)
Welcome to Riverfront Park (Connecticut)
Riverfront Park - CCC Event cache (Connecticut)
Along the way (Connecticut)
Rabbit Highway (Connecticut)
Follow the Light (Connecticut)
Hockanum Park Micro (Connecticut)
TviraEnaqlf Pgu+5 SGS (Connecticut)
Queen for a Day (Connecticut)
SMK-133 Salebac Rev.1 (Connecticut)
Hook & Bullet (Connecticut)
King for a Day (Connecticut)
America Used to Run Here - EH (Connecticut)
Silver Lane Micro (Connecticut)
Alley Micro Series 32 - East Hartford (Connecticut)
Eat, Drink and be Merry - 4th Anniversary! (Connecticut)
TTMTD-102 (Connecticut)
TTMTD-103 (Connecticut)
TTMTD-99 (Connecticut)

Tags: american steakhouse, cabela's, connecticut, furfright, geocaching

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