Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

OtherInbox migration, Lost & Found Walking Stick, and Candy makes Harry Happy

Sunny, 50-55°F. Some days take a long time to get going. This morning, it was mostly because I decided to tackle the task of switching my OtherInbox to Google Apps. I've been using OtherInbox to manage emails from chain store and restaurant mailing lists and notification emails from various social networks. OtherInbox lets me create a separate email address and inbox for each mailing list or website. That way, if any of those gets too spammy, I can simply turn it off. In my existing setup, OtherInbox itself stores all the email. After the switch, Google Apps will store the email and OtherInbox will work behind the scenes, automatically labeling and categorizing it. After the switchover, this should actually be a lot faster, simply because Gmail is faster than OtherInbox's email store. Unfortunately, since OtherInbox does not yet provide a migration tool, the process of moving emails over is rather slow.

I did, however, make time in the afternoon for a few local geocaches. The first one was Bridge View on a bridge over the Brandywine Creek. Then I went to Chipmunx Playground in Woodley Park. I didn't see the trail but it was only a short walk through open woods, so that wasn't a problem. The last one was Think Tink in Brandywine Creek State Park. I think I know where the official parking area is on this side of the river but I took a shortcut trail from the nearby residential area.

As soon as I parked the car for the first cache of the day, I realized that I didn't have my walking stick with me. Oops. I must have lost it yesterday. So for the two caches that actually required some hiking, I looked for appropriately-sized tree branches. Nature's free walking sticks. Later in the afternoon, I returned to The Quigley Backyard Cache to see if my walking stick was still there. Yes, it was! However, it was hanging from a tree so someone must have found it and placed it there. Wonder who it was. Maybe the person who feeds the cats behind Pathmark. After that, I went to Happy Harry's to get some after-Halloween 50%-discount candy. Saw jackalopejess there in what has got to be the shortest furmeet ever. :)
Tags: geocaching, happy harry's, new castle county, pathmark

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