Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

The Last DGT

Sunny, 55-60°F. Since DST ended, I've either been waking up very early or very late. Today was one of the early wake-up days so I decided to do another foray into southern Delaware. Just like Friday morning, I started with a Hardee's breakfast. (although I did find one geocache first) This time, it was at Hardee's in Milford and I had an omelet biscuit. I don't think the Milford Hardee's is as good as the Middletown Hardee's. Their biscuit sandwiches come out a bit flat. I guess I'm now a fast food snob. :)

After breakfast, I geocached in Milford and then Millsboro, Harbeson, Long Neck, and Dagsboro. The main objective for today was to find "DGT Nanticoke Indian Museum". It's the last one in the DGT series that I hadn't visited and the reason for that is from US-113, it's about 6 miles out of the way. Well, today I sucked it up and made that trip up Route 24. After that cache, I found a bunch more in that area. An interesting one was "Beezey's Easies - Metal Zoo", a multistage cache with metal giraffes along the way.

Dinner was at Hardee's in Middletown. I had a 1/3-lb cheeseburger combo. There's still one Hardee's in this state that I haven't visited and that's the one in Seaford. Sounds like an idea for another Southern DE trip. :)

Tags: dgt, geocaching, hardee's, sussex county

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