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Java Time

Sunny, 50-55°F. Another busy morning. Who knew? I only got out when it was some time in the afternoon, so I figured I would go for the new nearby geocache. Java Time was it. This cache is in the woods off of an unbuilt section of a housing development in Bear. I'm not sure if there'll still be access to that area once the houses are built but it's all clear right now. The original coordinates were somewhat off so it took a while to find this cache but I eventually did. I also tried to find YUCK !!!! but it turns out that that cache had gone missing, so I got a little muddy for nothing.

On the way home, I went to the farmers market to get some vegetables. See, I had a dream last night that I was eating a lot of vegetables, so I got that particular kind of veggies in case that dream meant something. Or it may not mean anything, in which case that would still take care of dinner.

I also stopped by the new Big Lots since today was their grand opening. This Big Lots is in the Penn Mart Shopping Center off US-13 and Route 141. It takes the place of National Wholesale Liquidators, which went out of business last year maybe? From what I saw, they have the same merchandise and pricing as their Dover location. Which is great because 2 miles from home is a lot more convenient than 40+ miles from home.


When you’re sick in bed, do you prefer to be left alone or to be taken care of?
I guess I'd like someone to make the soup, at least.

How difficult or cooperative are you as a patient?
I'm a horrible patient. I went to work when I was sick. I went geocaching a bunch of times when I was sick too. Sneezed on the trees.

It’s just a really bad cold so all you can do is ride it out. What are your strategies?
I take medication for night time, but that's just so I can sleep.

How ill do you have to feel in order to shut it down for the day?
Fever would do it.

Waves of nausea are washing over you and through you. Do you fight them off, or do you just throw up to get it over with?
Oh, I'll throw up.

From thefridayfive:

Do you really make wishes when you blow out the candles on your cake?

Have any of the wishes ever come true, if yes?
Well, I don't have to set the alarm clock any more. :)

How do you feel about birthdays? (e.g. love the attention, just another day, don't want anyone to know my real age, etc.)
Birthdays are really great for getting birthday coupons!

Tell us a favorite gift you've received, or something you'd really like for your next birthday.
I haven't received a birthday gift in many years and I have no idea what I would ask for that I couldn't or didn't already get myself.

What flavor cake?
Black forest.
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