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The Melon Incident

Cable internet is down for the second time this week so I'm writing this offline and will add this entry later. Hope these network outages aren't going to get too regular, although considering this is Cablevision I'm dealing with, there's a danger that the company will go under and discontinue service altogether. $1 billion cash shortfall? Yeesh.

46,000 bills.

There was a catered lunch today at work. Mainly different kinds of pasta but I had the noodles with slabs of meat, whatever that's called. This is not a lunch for developers. Once in a while, a bunch of resellers come in for training and they get breakfast and lunch. Everyone else gets to have whatever's left and usually, there is a lot. No drinks left though so I had the iced tea from the kitchen.

Went out in the afternoon to get this geocache since it wasn't very far away. The tower is not new to me as I've been there before, but it's nevertheless an interesting site fit for weird_nj.

ShopRite has honeydew melons on sale this week. I decided to buy a few. Boy, those sure were big... so big that one of them just ripped right through the shopping bag and rolled under the car! Simple, I thought. Just drive the car forward a bit and pick up the melon... but no, the melon just rolled along with the car. The universe was playing with me again. Fortunately, the melon was still edible even if it had cracked open just a bit.

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