Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Caching in the Country

Sunny, 45-50°F. It's hard to tell whether things went according to plan if there wasn't much of a plan in the first place. I noticed that all the errands could be done in the evening and it looked like a yard work kind of day, so I did that first. Filled another two trash bags with leaves and weeds. Seems like I just did that not too long ago! I also saw the neighbor's cat eating grass in my backyard. I watched and didn't interfere this time because I noticed that it was going for one specific kind of wild grass that I meant to weed out anyway. (I wonder if that's the tastiest grass or the best gut-cleaning grass.) So it was helping.

In the afternoon, I noticed a new geocache in the listings. It was about time to head out for shopping and this new cache wasn't far away, so I went out to Caching in the Country. This cache is next to Mary's Country Kitchen, a restaurant that I'd never noticed before in the Route 4 median in Stanton. Found it in about two seconds. I was FTF and only by a few minutes because Shinebox pulled into the lot shortly after.

After dinner at Old Country Buffet (food photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), I had the opportunity to check out the new Target store at Christiana Mall. I was informed that this store has been open for one month already but I didn't notice because I rarely visit the mall. I guess I'll go to the mall more often now since this Target is half the distance of Brandywine Target from home. It's an average-sized Target store that shares the mall parking area and has an indoor connection to the mall. This was a quick visit of under 10 minutes because I knew exactly what I was there for and I had no wait at checkout. Curiously, the cashier scanned my coupon four times because I bought 12 of that item. I'm not entirely sure how that was supposed to work but it beats Pathmark's coupon doubling!
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