Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Friday Five

1. How many houses/apartments have you lived in throughout your life?
5, I think. Although, I can't recall if there were any more moves when I was little.

2. Which was your favorite and why?
Manhattan apartment in Washington Heights. The neighborhood was terrible and it was only one block away from some crime scenes. But the easy access via subway to the best of the city was great.

3. Do you find moving house more exciting or stressful? Why?
Stressful. Way too much packing and unpacking. Too many details to nail down in the moving process.

4. What's more important, location or price?
I'd say location is 70% and price is 30%. I could rent cheaper but I'd hate the longer commute.

5. What features does your dream house have (pool, spa bath, big yard, etc.)?
I used to think running network cables through the walls would be a desirable thing but there's wireless networking now. So maybe some kind of fold-up shelf in the bathroom to put a laptop. (I just know someone's going to tell me to get a magazine. :) )
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