Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey - West Deptford, National Park, Deptford, Laurel Springs

Sunny, 50-55°F. I could've gone in any direction but there were new geocaches in South Jersey near Deptford, so that's where I went. I was FTF at "Stuck Between a Rock and a Hammer". This is the second time in a few days that I was first to visit a cache and only by a matter of minutes because as I was about to leave, Pitch Black came by. The challenging cache of the day was supposed to be "Revenge of Shoe Gobbler", but for some reason, I didn't encounter any mud, water, or thorns. It wasn't even a difficult bushwhack. I think it was because I took a different route to the cache site. Funny thing is the route I took was the most obvious and direct approach, so I have no idea why the recommended route is to enter the woods on the opposite side of the block from the parking area.

After doing the new geocaches, I tackled two older geocaches that were a bit of a walk. Then I returned to the Deptford Mall for "Twin Pines Mall", a cache that I couldn't do earlier in the day because the parking lot was way too busy. No such problem in the evening. Even though the mall hadn't closed yet at that time, enough shoppers had left that I was not only able to find a parking space but I was able to park right in front of the cache site.

Since I was at the mall, I had dinner at Ruby Tuesday. I had Ruby minis, salad from the salad bar, more salad from the salad bar, and garlic cheese biscuits.

Tags: deptford mall, geocaching, ruby tuesday, south jersey

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