Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Wooddale Covered Bridge

Cloudy, 55-60°F. I didn't have that much time this afternoon but there were two new geocaches in the vicinity of the Wooddale Covered Bridge (somewhere between Wilmington and Hockessin), so I went for those. The first one was Rolling Under, at an intersection near the covered bridge. This one was a snap to do. Then I went to Wooddale Covered Bridge for the next cache, Covered by Wooddale. This one was difficult. I started looking. Then rflester arrived and helped with the search. In the end, we had to call a previous finder for a hint because we didn't know how long we could search the bridge before we got questioned by one of the locals.

After that, I still had time so I went to DEADPOOL. This is in the woods behind an Elsmere residential area. I knew from the cache logs that a water crossing was involved. My boots were still wet from wading in the swamp yesterday so I wore those again for this cache. When I got to the creek, I just walked straight across. The water was only a few inches deep. No problem.
Tags: geocaching, new castle county

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