Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey FPT VIII - Black Friday, Winslow, Clementon, Berlin

Cloudy, 50-55°F. One of the busiest shopping days of the year but I went geocaching first, dinner second, and shopping last because one must have priorities. :) It was raining lightly as I headed out but I knew the rain would stop and it did after the 3rd cache of the day. On my last trip out here, I ended the day in Sicklerville. This time, I went past Sicklerville into Winslow. Then I worked my way towards Clementon, finding most of the geocaches along the way. There were some interesting cache locations this time. "2 Cents a Pound", "Penbryn Remnant?", "In the past it went somewhere", and the two Pillings Lake caches are all at ruins in wooded areas. "2 Cents a Pound" is next to a long rectangular pit with railroad ties going across the top. Not sure what that was supposed to be but I would guess someone could inspect or work on the underside of a train if it is parked there. Pillings Lake is a lake that has vanished. It shows up as a lake on the map but it's just a few creeks and a swamp now.

For dinner, I went to the co-branded Long John Silver's / Taco Bell in Berlin and had a fish & more. I'd been using a Comcast wi-fi hotspot every time I went to LJS/Taco Bell in Mantua but the last time I was in Berlin, there wasn't a Comcast wi-fi hotspot. Well, I noticed that Comcast recently installed a wi-fi hotspot in Berlin (It's not even listed on their website yet.) but guess where it is. Just outside the LJS/Taco Bell! Either they've been following me around or someone at Comcast really likes this co-branded fast food.

For shopping, I headed back in-state. It was past 8pm by then, so the Black Friday crowds had pretty much gone away. I knew it was too late to get any doorbuster specials but I still got a few deals. I got free coffee at Borders, free (after rebate) batteries at Big Lots (to add to the enormous stash of batteries that I already can't finish. Haha!), and about two months' supply of breakfast (cereal and oatmeal) at BJ's Wholesale. Well, technically, that last one was a 3-day special, not a Black Friday special. I missed the $99.99 Nook Wi-Fi special at Best Buy but I suspect that price or better will be back, so there was no need to wait outside the store at 3am.

Tags: best buy, big lots, bj's wholesale, black friday, borders, geocaching, long john silver's, south jersey

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