Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Two Away / DE Furbowl 22

I had a dream about geocaching last night, which was interesting and annoying at the same time because when I woke up, I realized that I couldn't log it online because it wasn't a real cache. However, I remembered the details and wrote it all down, just in case I actually do see a cache hide like that one day.

While running errands this afternoon, I took a short side trip to Two Away!. This is a two-stage cache and both stages are only a few miles from home. The first stage is on a fishing pier at East 7th Street Park in Wilmington. It's a very tiny container so I'm not sure how I found it in only a minute. I wasn't really thinking about the search when suddenly I saw that I had it. Then I went to the second stage. It's at an interesting rooftop location that I'd been meaning to check out but never got around to it. I've literally gone shopping below the cache site. (Not directly below though because underneath is a truck delivery bay.) Since not thinking worked so well at the first stage, I tried not thinking again and I only needed to put my hand out a few times before I found the second tiny container. Amazing. I can see why people stop thinking. :)

In the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl 22. The dinner portion was once again at East King Buffet in Wilmington. This time, I didn't get the sushi first because I figured that the sushi was making me bloated too soon on previous visits here. So I did Mongolian BBQ first. I wanted to see what would happen if I piled the ingredients up really high before handing it to the chef. Well, guess what? He got a bigger plate from the back room! I did still get sushi but only on my 3rd plate. Dessert was where the soft-serve ice cream machine apparently went wild. Then I added cherries.

The next stop in DE Furbowl was AMF Price Lanes, down the road from the buffet. I brought Oddbrand Otter. This is a repeat of last month but I think the otter is fun. It was a good round of bowling. We didn't get to finish the second game because of time but the people in my lane were a fun bunch to play with.
Tags: amf price lanes, de furbowl, east king buffet, fursuiting, geocaching, otter fursuit, wilmington

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