Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey FPT IX - Nights in Kirkwood

Cloudy/Rainy, 60-65°F. It was a rainy day but I checked the weather radar and noticed that the cloud cover was lightest to the east. I went to South Jersey and saw that it was indeed the case. There was only a light drizzle and that went away later in the afternoon. My goal was to do "It's A Date", a puzzle cache, and "A Suburban Night Cache", a night cache. On my way from one to the other, I picked up a bunch more geocaches.

"Cache of Stash" and "Poor Pine Tree" are both on the cross-country trails behind Gloucester County College. I asked at the security office and they gave me permission to park closer to the trailhead near the first cache site. I guess they also wanted me in and out of the woods quickly because there wasn't much time before sunset. "A Suburban Night Cache" was an interesting one. I've been to the Kirkwood Lake area, even at night, but never before for a reflector-trail cache. I think some of the reflectors have gone missing because there's a long gap in the middle of the hike with no indication of where to go next. So I was wondering around trying to find the next reflector when I stumbled across an encampment. Other geocachers have mentioned this encampment before but I saw two men sitting there. I decided to go the other way and leave that place alone. Fortunately, the other direction was the correct way to go and I found the rest of the reflectors soon after that. Yes, they are the new suburban homeless. What an era we live in.

Dinner was a two-fish combo at Long John Silver's in Berlin. I've learnt not to turn down an opportunity to visit LJS when I'm in that area because as I've seen, other food choices aren't as good. Besides, Arby's in Berlin doesn't have a Comcast wi-fi hotspot next to it. :)

Tags: geocaching, long john silver's, south jersey

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