Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Bellevue, Rear Wiper

Rainy, 45-50°F. It was a rainy day but the rain stopped in the afternoon. I figured I had time for one geocache before errands, so I went to Bellevue State Park for Horse Trail in Bellevue. I don't have an annual park pass so I saved this cache for when the fee season ended on December 1. I spent only $6 on Delaware State Parks this year so an annual pass would not have been worth the money. I might get one next year in order to visit more of the state parks in the southern part of the state. Anyway, it wasn't a long walk to the cache site and I was done with it and out of the park in about 20 minutes.

Next on the agenda was to replace the rear windshield wiper on my car. I hadn't replaced it in over 5 years and it wasn't working very well any more. I didn't know anything about the rear wiper but I watched this video and all of a sudden, I could replace the rear wiper like a pro. :) Well, the video is for a different car model but the wiper arm is the same so there is no difference in technique. I got a new wiper at Autozone this evening and made the switch in the parking lot. (which is where I do pretty much all DIY maintenance; in the parking lot of the parts store)
Tags: autozone, geocaching, new castle county
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