Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey - Parvin State Park

Sunny, 45-50°F. I did a few geocaches in Carneys Point and Harrisonville. Then I headed over to Parvin State Park to try to do as many of the geocaches there as possible. I got 11 there. There are a few more I didn't get to because those are too far from the parking area for the time I had left before sunset. I wasn't sure if the park actually closed at dusk because I saw people still going in as I was leaving. It may be a case of lack of enforcement. Anyway, the only geocache I did at dusk, as I was leaving the area, is near the road and just off the corner of a field, so I wasn't deep in the woods. Weirdest cache today was this one. Well, the container is fairly common but the sticker on it says "For rectal use only". Makes one wonder.

I have McDonald's coupons so I stopped at the Woodstown McDonald's on US-40 and had two Filet O' Fish sandwiches. This location is below average for a McDonald's. Even though there were only a few orders, it took them a long time to prepare the food. Also, the furniture in the dining area is rather worn.

Tags: geocaching, mcdonald's, parvin state park, south jersey

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