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Interview, local geocaching, enchiladas, and geo-fashion

Went for an on-site job interview in Wilmington at noon today. It's an odd location -- a solitary office building hidden away behind apartment buildings and woods. I recognized the general location when I got there because I'd been to Rockford Park and Trolley Square before. It's a small startup-like operation. There were only 3 people at the office today, so we all had a meeting in the conference room. What's interesting about this interview is while they wanted to hear about my career experience, a lot of the work I did after hours was relevant too. It's a shop that does a lot of scripting. What's more interesting is even my knowledge of macroeconomics and my experience investing in gold, silver, and oil were relevant because what they do involves both tech and commodities. With so much of what I've done coming up in the interview, I'm afraid I may have talked their ears off. :) Anyway, I thought the interview went fairly well.

After that, I returned home to have a pot pie and change into my ragged geocaching clothes. I had two hours before sunset so I headed out to Bear and Newark to do a bunch of geocaches that were listed within the last day or so. ":O Baby!" was the strangest one of the bunch. It's rated at difficulty 4 / terrain 4 and the cache description talks a good game about taking precautions and bringing climbing equipment. It wasn't that hard this evening at dusk, although I could see how the steep slope going down to the creek would be slippery if it has rained recently. In the end though, it turned out to be a short hike in the woods next to the Old Country Buffet strip mall.

In the evening, I had Endless Enchiladas at Don Pablo's in Newark to use my last $10 reward. I had 12 enchiladas, 4 each of beef, chicken, and cheese enchiladas. I think I still prefer Taco Tuesday, but it's good to try the other all-you-can-eat deals once in a while. Then I went shopping at the new Christiana Mall Target. On the clothing racks, I noticed they had pre-ripped, pre-stained jeans. I compared those to my own ripped, stained jeans. Hey, looks like my pants actually became more fashionable while I was hiking in the woods getting them all muddy and torn! Who knew? :)

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