Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

House, Yard, and Woods

Cloudy with a bit of snow, 36°F. This afternoon, I did the biggest house and yard clean up that I've done in a while. I took out a lot of stuff to be recycled. I also did two hours of yard work. I removed most of the bindweed, greenbrier, and wisteria vines from the fence, dug out the weedy deep-rooted privet plants, raked leaves, and gathered and chopped up fallen tree branches. I filled up three trash bags with yard waste. That still wasn't enough, so I filled up the yard waste barrel too. I thought I had plenty of trunk space but I was barely able to get all the yard waste bags in. So the recycled waste had to ride in the back seat.

I dropped off the yard waste at the yard waste center the same afternoon. Then I went to find the Glasgow Woods geocache. This is in a thorny wooded area near an apartment complex. Although corrected coordinates had been posted this morning, those coordinates were still a bit soft. Fortunately, Evanspack and Tabbikat arrived and helped with the search.

Next, I did the banking and recycling errands. Then I went to Lone Star Steakhouse in New Castle for an early dinner because I had their December coupon. I had a Swiss and Mushroom Burger. One thing I noticed is they don't have buckets of peanuts at every table any more. Those are still available but you have to ask. It's because some customers have peanut allergies, so they have to keep the peanut dust under control. I wonder if the nearby Texas Roadhouse has adopted a similar policy.
Tags: geocaching, lone star steakhouse, yard waste, yardwork

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