Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

PBCD Local, Nuvi 295W

Cloudy, 27-30°F. It was a cold day but there were new geocaches not far away in Newark, so I went out to do those. There were one cache by itself and six Christmas-themed caches along Old Cooches Bridge Road. Those were all pretty quick and easy, even if parking seemed a bit dubious at one or two of them. After finishing those, I checked geocache listings on my phone and saw five more new caches. Since I was outside anyway, I thought I'd do those too and save a trip. Got an FTF on "The Sand Box". Rather conveniently, doing those in order brought me back towards home.

Last stop of the day was to Wal-Mart to pick up my Site To Store order. They had a nüvi 295W for $89 but it was only available at the online store, so I ordered it there and had it sent to the local Wal-Mart for pickup. Delivery time was only 1 day (They sent me an "in transit" email and a "ready for pickup" email a mere 42 minutes apart, so I have no idea what really went on there.), which is impressive because their estimate was about a week later. I did the initial setup -- had it outside in the car for a little while to pick up satellites, etc -- but the device has some problems. Also, it appears that I'll need to make a few minor changes to my geocache POI files. The 295W mostly works with the data but fails to recognize some HTML color names, turning those to black text on black background. I'll wait until after updating the software before passing further judgment because it seems to still be at the April 2010 release.

Tags: geocaching, new castle county, nuvi 295w, walmart

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