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Friday Five... uhhh... Twenty


Of excursions you remember taking in elementary school, which was your favorite?
Back in the old country, schools didn't have excursions.

Of excursions you remember taking in elementary school, which was your least favorite?
Back in the old country, schools didn't have excursions.

What seems like a really good school excursion destination that nobody seems to take?
Old Country Buffet. Everyone's got to learn how to eat all you can at some point. :)

Which of your recent activities might pass for an educational excursion?
Recent trips to the South Jersey countryside. There were some informational signs, if only I could remember what those said. Also, there's a gravesite in the woods of Stow Creek State Park.

When a sack lunch was needed for a field trip, what was most likely in your brown paper bag? How about now?
Didn't use to have school field trips because back in the old country, you know... Now, I'm likely to have pretzels or cheese doodles from Big Lots.

From thefridayfive:

1. What job do you have and why do you like/hate it?
I don't think what I do now qualifies as a job, but I love it.

2. What did you want to be when you "grew up" as a kid?
I wanted to be a doctor at first but I couldn't remember all those names of bones, even the humerus ones. :) Computer programmer was a good alternative.

3. Is the job you have now, anything like what you imagined as a kid?
I had no imagination back then.

4. Do you have a 5 year career plan?
What is this "career" you speak of?

5. In order to get the job of your dreams, is there ANYTHING you WOULDN'T do? Why?
What exactly would I do anyway?

From thefridayfive:

What's your favorite tree house story?
I never had a tree house.

If your life was a soap opera, what would it be called?
Not so Young but Still Restless

If you change your name, does that take away all your past and give you a new start?
Not completely. You can try that but old habits die hard.

What's worse being creepy or a dramatic liar?
A dramatic liar isn't creepy, right? So creepy it is.

Have you ever stabbed anyone in the back?
Well, he's not in the mid-Atlantic area any more, is he?


What’s the worst thing about really bad rainstorms?

What’s the best thing about really bad rainstorms?
Won't have to water the grass for a few days.

What’s your favorite (be honest!) way to pass the time when the power’s out?
Catch up on sleep.

In what ways are you always prepared for a bad storm?
I always have a backlog of things to do around the house.

What’s your favorite song with the word “rain” in the title?
"It's Raining Men"
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