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NJ/PA Cache Machine

Found 14 geocaches today. 5 in NJ and 9 in PA. Now that Daylight Savings Time is in effect, the extra hour of daylight really helps although what actually happened is I woke up an hour earlier if you ignore the time change. It's more psychological than anything as I could have woken up earlier even without DST.

25th Light (New Jersey)
Went out early for this one. The way I came in, the area wasn't even identified. Just some woods at the end of a cul-de-sac. While I was there, Harrald came along. It was nice to meet him again.

Kylie's Old Backyard (New Jersey)
Quick dash and grab. Parked in a residential area. (Apartment complex.)

Just Another Brick in the Wall (New Jersey)
Willingboro Lake Preserve. Lots of abandoned structures here. Apparently, this was once a recreation complex but is now a nature preserve.

MacArthur Park is melting in the sun (New Jersey)
MacArthur Woods in Haddonfield. Tiny well-hidden cache.

Giangiulio Complex (New Jersey)
Another residential area with a piece of woods. Also well-hidden.

Lorimer Park Woodlands (Pennsylvania)
Lorimer Park in Abington. Nice to see that the park rangers themselves have placed a cache.

Lorimer Park Meadows (Pennsylvania)
Second cache placed by the park rangers.

125-1 (Pennsylvania)
Creative hide right at the trailhead.

horsham park (Pennsylvania)
Arduous bushwhack and then I discovered I had gone in the wrong way! Easy find although plastic bag wrappers would seem to be a bad idea.

Alien Transport Portal #3 (Pennsylvania)
Aliens in Doylestown.

Alien Transport Portal #2 (Pennsylvania)
More aliens.

Alien Transport Portal #1 (Pennsylvania)
Even more aliens! (in New Britain)

USA - All The Way (Pennsylvania)
Small park next to a residential area. Very brambly bushwhack and I didn't see an easier way but the direct approach is sometimes the fastest if you have long sleeves and long pants.

The Football Bash GeoCache (Pennsylvania)
Another march through the brambles as I didn't find the trail from the parking area. In case you're wondering why I didn't have any pictures... well, if you've seen one Moravian Tile and Pottery Factory, you've seen them all. Okay, so I just forgot to take a picture of the factory with unusual architectural embellishments.

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