Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Christmas Day - Roxborough, East Falls, Philadelphia Chinatown

Cloudy with a bit of snow, 32-34°F. On Christmas Day, where can one find an assortment of stores that don't close for the holiday? Chinatown, of course. As a bonus, street parking was free this Saturday. Strangely though, the only source I found about free parking on Saturday is the Mayor's tweet. I thought this would also be an alert on the parking authority website but that wasn't the case. So this promotion was poorly advertised. Indeed, when I went to Chinatown, I noticed that more than half the cars had parking stubs on the dashboard. So a lot of people paid for nothing!

On the way to Philadelphia, I decided to do a few geocaches. "A few" turned into 8 geocaches, mostly near Ardmore and in Roxborough and East Falls. The last cache of the day was "Can Morton be Stopped?" Apparently not! :)

I arrived in Chinatown after 5pm. I was rather lucky and snagged one of the best parking spaces in Chinatown, right in front of Wan Sheng Chinese supermarket and a short distance from the Friendship Gate. It would've been the best parking spot if this Chinese supermarket was not going out of business. Everything was 30% off but they had only limited stock. I got some of what I needed and then took a walk around the block to find another Chinese supermarket for the rest of my shopping list. Since I had free parking, I took my time and browsed some of the other stores and bazaar but there wasn't too much of interest. Finally, I went to Banana Leaf and had Curry Mee with Young Tau Foo and roti canai.

Tags: banana leaf, geocaching, pennsylvania, philadelphia, philadelphia chinatown, wan sheng

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