Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Lancaster XXVII - This ONES For You

Cloudy, 50-53°F. Rather warm day for winter. There was a geocaching event at 11am. However, I didn't set the alarm clock. If I woke up early, I'd attend the event. Otherwise, I'd go to Lancaster anyway, only a bit later. Well, guess what? I woke up earlier than usual. So I did go to the "This ONES For You-Flash Mob" event at Park City Mall in Lancaster. It wasn't really a flash mob because everyone was already milling around the event location before the start time. Nevertheless, it was a nice gathering. After that, we split up but I kept running into other groups of geocachers at caches near the mall. Later in the day, I went to East Petersburg, Lititz, Willow Street, and Millersville to find more of the new geocaches that were placed since my last visit to Lancaster County.

Dinner was a chicken & fish variety platter at Long John Silver's in Lancaster. (Manheim Pike) Haven't been there in a while and it looks like they spruced up the place and got some new furniture. After that, I continued finding geocaches at night along the US-30 stretch towards home.

This ONES For You-Flash Mob Event (Pennsylvania)
I Love the Smell of Pine (Pennsylvania)
I Love the Smell of Pine 2 (Pennsylvania)
Santa's Little Helper (Pennsylvania)
Park City (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (1.5/2.0) Lock Down (Pennsylvania)
365 (Pennsylvania)
Topiary Trouble (Pennsylvania)
Crayon Tour - Out Of The Blue (Pennsylvania)
The Earth ninja- the element ninjas (Pennsylvania)
Mike Rowe Cache (Pennsylvania)
the water ninja- the element ninjas (Pennsylvania)
sensei...HI-YA! - the element ninja series (Pennsylvania)
The Near Forgotten (Pennsylvania)
Only in Lancaster #1 (Pennsylvania)
LOST81 (5.0/1.0) I need 500 what? (Pennsylvania)
We Love to Hate Them! (Pennsylvania)
Brenneman Road Series - What's your limit? (Pennsylvania)
Just Off Campus (Pennsylvania)
My Home Away from Home (Pennsylvania)
Brenneman Road Series - STOP! Did you miss me? (Pennsylvania)
Chestnut Hill (Pennsylvania)
Amtrak by Spencer (Pennsylvania)
Arts and Crafts (Pennsylvania)
Christmas Finally Arrived (Pennsylvania)
Black Friday Fun (Pennsylvania)
Gotta Shop (Pennsylvania)
The Truck Stops Here (Pennsylvania)
Happy Holloweiner! (Pennsylvania)

Tags: geocaching, geocaching event, lancaster county, long john silver's

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