Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

White Clay Creek

Sunny, 43°F. It was a busy morning so I didn't get out until the afternoon. In view of the limited time before dusk, I decided not to travel far and just do one of the local multicaches. I went for Pointing North-NorthPoint. It's a two-stage multicache with both stages just off a paved walking path in the woods behind a residential area northeast of Newark. It was easier and quicker than I thought. Since I still had plenty of time, I headed west to White Clay Creek State Park for a few more geocaches.

In White Clay Creek Park, I parked at Bryan's Field and did If you see a Fairy Ring, Zeros #00, and Sig Item Bonanza. All three geocaches are accessible from the same parking area but the round trip is approximately a 2-mile hike. That didn't take too much time though because I found all 3 caches without much searching and so it was mostly walking time.
Tags: geocaching, new castle county, white clay creek
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