Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DGT - Kent and Sussex Counties

Sunny, 33-38°F. Since I started doing the Delaware Geocaching Trail yesterday, I thought I'd continue with the Kent County part of the quest. It was a good day for doing that and I ran into other geocachers along the way too. After getting 8 DGT caches for Kent County, it was only 1pm so I thought I'd try to do Sussex County too. Well, that was almost too ambitious because of the driving distances involved. I managed to squeeze in the 8th Sussex DGT cache only minutes before sunset!

Dinner was chicken tenders at Hardee's in Millsboro. After that, I headed up US-113 intending to go home. When I stopped for a geocache along US-113, I realized that I'd left my hat at Hardee's. I returned to Hardee's and yes, the restaurant folks did find it and were keeping it for me. After that, I decided not to travel US-113 for a third time, so I crossed over to US-13 for a change in scenery. (not that there's much to see at night) That, of course, meant that I did a bunch more geocaches along both the connector road and US-13. I picked only geocaches that I thought were doable at night but there were still quite a number of those. Got home really late as a result but hey, I might as well make the most of a trip down south!

Tags: dgt, geocaching, hardee's, kent county, sussex county
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