Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DGT and a 3-county tour

Sunny, 28-34°F. I left home this morning with the intention of doing a bunch more Delaware Geotrail caches. So I got the New Castle County DGT caches to the south of my place and all the remaining Kent County DGT caches. Then I continued geocaching until it was a bit past sunset and time to head back. The last two caches were in Greenwood. Looks like Kent County got more snow than New Castle. Their biggest problem seems to snowdrifts on the roads. After snow removal, the wind blew snow back onto the road. So when I was driving the backroads, I had to slow down numerous times for snow patches. On the way to Killens Pond, I came across a road so snow-covered that I couldn't tell which part was road and which part was field or ditch or whatever. I decided to turn the car around and try another route before things got really bad!

I only ran into one geocacher today. He was at Killens Pond State Park and he'd just completed the two DGT caches there as I arrived. At "Fisher Bridge Falls", I met two friendly locals who already knew about the cache. They told me they'd been giving hints to geocachers who couldn't find that cache. They were waiting to see if I needed help too but I found it on my own. I didn't think it was that difficult a cache but I happened to have to right idea and just needed to be systematic in my search.

Dinner was chicken tenders at Hardee's in Harrington. By now, I've had chicken tenders at half a dozen Hardee's, but this location seems to have good chicken tenders. They're also almost within range of free wi-fi internet. Too bad the restaurant can't be moved a bit up the road. :)

Tags: dgt, geocaching, hardee's, kent county, killens pond state park, new castle county, sussex county
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