Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DGT Wilmington

Sunny, 28-31°F. I figured I might as well do the nearby Delaware Geotrail geocaches in Wilmington at some point, so I did those today. The one at Brandywine Zoo was actually the closest to home but I'd been doing the farther-away caches first. There was still snow on the ground in Wilmington. For the first four caches, that wasn't a problem. But at the last 3 caches, my route got more and more slippery. "DGT Ramsey Road" wasn't too bad yet. There was a short downhill stretch of trail that was icy, but that was it. "Off The Brandywine Trail" was up a steep hill. I climbed on the snow-covered slope, hoping to not slide back. "Dude, It's Green!" was the hardest of the lot because it's on a 45-degree slope and the snow had partially turned to ice. I held on to rocks, small plants, anything that was available, to keep myself from sliding back down the hill as I crawled upwards. Of course, after I was done with that cache, getting back down was easy. I just let go and slid downhill. One good thing about the snow is it's clean. If I went for that cache at any other time of the year, I would've gotten my pants really muddy crawling up and down that steep slope.

After that, I went to Quiznos in Claymont and had a California Club overloaded with peppers and pickles. I don't go to this sandwich chain much any more, although I'm not sure why because my argument was only with one manager at one particular store. I guess in my mind, that experience has tainted the brand.

Tags: dgt, geocaching, new castle county, quiznos, wilmington

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