Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

DGT - Beat the Snow!

Cloudy, 32-34°F. There was snow in the weather forecast for this afternoon. I planned to hit a couple of nearby Delaware Geotrail caches and be back before the snow started. Among other places, I went to Lums Pond State Park, where there were 3 DGT caches. Well, 2pm came and the snow still hadn't started so I went to White Clay Creek State Park and kept on geocaching. It was a bit of a hike for 3 caches but the trail didn't have any especially steep stretches so snow and ice on the ground weren't an issue.

At 3:30pm, there was finally a bit of snowfall. So I headed off to Churchmans Crossing to do some errands because I wanted to finish those and get home before the roads got really snow-covered. Then the snow stopped again, so I did one final cache, "Green Acres". I was pretty lucky with this one. It seems there usually are barking dogs near the cache site but for some reason, the dogs were absent when I got there. So I could search for the cache without interference. The snow really only started after I got home. So it didn't pose a problem and I could've done a full day of geocaching, but it's good to have some flexibility in one's plans.

Tags: dgt, geocaching, new castle county
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