Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Where's George mini-meet, Berlin

Sunny, 32-34°F. About 3 inches of snow fell overnight. I wasn't in a particular hurry today so I only went out to shovel snow after having breakfast and cleaning up the kitchen a bit. So by the time I start working on the snow, half of it had melted.

I was going to South Jersey to meet up with Christine and Rich at Long John Silver's (a.k.a. Fictional Pirate) in Berlin. Did a few geocaches along the way. The first two, Ayume's Birthday Treasure and Pa Pa Power!, were in Williamstown. I thought Ayume's would be difficult to find in the snow because it's a small cache. Fortunately, it wasn't on the ground. "Pa Pa Power!" was on the ground but I heard an unusual noise when I poked at the snow and that's how I found it.

Then I went to Is Hindu in you? in Stella Park in Winslow Township. The town hadn't removed the snow from the parking area so I parked on the side of the road with two wheels on the asphalt and two wheels on the snowbank. Not a good situation but I hoped I wouldn't take too long on this cache. This one wasn't that difficult but it was covered by snow. I found it after poking at about half a dozen likely spots.

After that, I went to LJS in Berlin for the meetup. I had a chicken and fish variety platter. Christine and Rich had other combinations of Taco Bell and LJS foods. It was a good time. Probably should do this again another time.
Tags: geocaching, long john silver's, meetup, south jersey, where's george

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