Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox


Sunny, 37°F. Last day of my 16-month vacation. :) I didn't have a proper plan for today but I thought I'd go and do the new geocaches in and around Dover. There was also time for a few older ones that I skipped on previous visits because it was too hot, too busy, or whatever. I thought "Cemetery Stroll" at Barratt's Cemetery was rather well-implemented. It's a four-stage mystery cache where I needed to collect information from cemetery markers at each stage to derive the final cache coordinates, but all the stages were close together and the final wasn't far from where I parked the car.

Dinner was chicken tenders at Hardee's in Middletown. I thought I'd take care of the coupon-clipping while at the restaurant rather than do it at home because I'm out of heating oil and so I might as well stay a bit longer and use the restaurant's heating. I knew they wouldn't be busy on a Sunday night anyway. (The dining area was empty and there were only a few locals hanging out by the order area, chatting with the staff.) As a bonus, I saw a few coupons on items that I needed and could pick up on the way home.

Tags: dover, geocaching, hardee's, kent county
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