Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cold day in Newark and DE Furbowl 23

Sunny, 21°F. Now we're into the deep freeze. I thought about waiting until a little later in the day before heading out but it didn't seem to get any warmer, so I went out and did two geocaches. (after scaling back my goals a bit) The first one was No skateboarding or roller skating at Delcastle Recreation Area. I did this one in sandals. It was only 100 feet from where I parked so I decided not to bother with shoes. The result: cold feet. The next one was all about the numb3rs. It's a puzzle that I solved just a few days ago when I realized that it is not nearly as much work as it looked. The cache was more work to find and even with shoes on, my feet got really cold. Also, I had to be careful not to slip and fall off the bridge because the path was icy. The road leading to the cache site was icy too, but luckily, my car didn't skid off into someone's yard.

In the evening, I went to Delaware Furbowl 23. I skipped the dinner portion of the event because I went to Ruby Tuesday in the afternoon. (At Ruby Tuesday, I used the coupon that I got from using the coupon they sent to apologize for sending an extraneous birthday coupon.) So I went directly to the bowling alley. The place was packed! At 137 (I heard), we had a record-breaking attendee count for this series of events. I wore the otter fursuit, which was the same as what I wore the last time, but I do like it. Didn't do too badly at bowling this time. I got two strikes but it was probably by chance more than anything. Had a little chat with a curious bowling alley customer. He seemed quite surprised to see all those fursuits and wanted to know about our history and if we were part of a group.
Tags: amf price lanes, de furbowl, geocaching, new castle county, ruby tuesday

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