Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

Cemetery, cemetary, cementary, etc

I woke up earlier than usual yesterday morning after a disturbing dream about a toothless country singer. So I went for the Cemetery Challenge geocache before work. Also, I figured I'd better get it before this morning's snowstorm. This is a challenge cache and the logging requirement is I needed to have found at least 50 geocaches mentioned "cemetery", "graveyard", or "grave". Because "cemetary" is such a common misspelling, the cache owner allows caches mentioning that too. I knew I would have no problem meeting this requirement so I went for the cache first before checking my past found caches.

Silver Brook Cemetery, where the cache is located, is only a mile or two detour from my route to work. When I got there, I met bpp_picnic, who'd just found that cache. Then I searched for it too and found it.

When I got back to the computer, I pulled up my long list of geocache logs and easily found the required 50 caches. In fact, I came up with 60 without too much work. And so I logged the challenge cache. The worst misspelling I came across was "cementary". It sounded like a collection of cement. :)
Tags: cemetery, geocaching, new castle county, wilmington

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