Morton Fox (mortonfox) wrote,
Morton Fox

South Jersey FPT XIV - Pennsville, Bridgeport, Greenwich, Mullica Hill, Mantua

Cloudy, 32-36°F. Strangely on a Saturday morning, I woke up early. As I was having breakfast, I checked the weather radar and noticed a storm system moving in from the northwest. But I thought I could grab a few geocaches in South Jersey and be back before anything started. I started with a nearby cache at Riverview Park in Pennsville and work my way out from there. The whole of South Jersey is blanketed in about 6-8 inches of snow. I was still able to find the caches without too much trouble, although I did bring a snow shovel to "dead end" and "Thompson Park Cache and Walk". "dead end" required some snow-shoveling before I saw what I needed to see, but I knew to focus my shoveling around likely cache spots. At "Brother's Keeper South TB Hostel", I talked to the car wash guy about the geocache because he already knew about the game and the box was in the woods behind the car wash. He thought it would be a real pain to find because of all the snow, but then I surprised him by going back there and picking it out in a minute!

I had an early lunch (11:30am!!) at Long John Silver's in Mantua since the 4th cache of the day brought me into that town. This time, I had a chicken and fish variety platter. It was a leisurely lunch with much use of free wi-fi internet since the restaurant wasn't busy. After that, I went for "Thompson Park Cache and Walk" since it was on the way home. Although it wasn't really far into the park, it was the longest walk of the day through a lot of snow that went above my ankles. However, I was very lucky in finding the cache. I thought I'd have to shovel out some snow to get an idea of where to look more closely but the first time I pushed the shovel into the snow, it hit the cache! Anyway, I returned home after that because by then, I was tired of walking around in the snow.

Tags: fictional pirate, geocaching, long john silver's, snow, south jersey

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